Relaying Interlock Pavers

Lift, Repair, Relay Interlock in Ottawa

Interlock Repair Ottawa (A Division of A&Z Interlock) provides relaying services for interlock projects that are damaged and require repair services.  We have relayed interlock pavers that were installed upside down which meant every paver had to be removed and turned over.  Another relaying project involved a driveway where we had to switch the alignment of the pavers from a horizontal to a vertical position.  Once your interlock is reinstalled we replace the polymeric sand providing a professional and cosmetic appearance.

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Need To Repair What’s Under Your Interlock Pavers?

We Remove Interlock Pavers and Relay Them Saving You From A Costly Replacement. 

Front Entrances
Pool Decks

Dislodging & Removing Interlock Pavers

Pavers are held in place, not by concrete but the bricks surrounding it that allow us to remove interlock pavers and reseating them to repair base foundations.  Once we remove the polymeric jointing sand bricks can be individually pried out from the setting. After the work is completed we can replace the pavers back into place, tamp them with a rubber mallet and replace the polymeric sand. 

Professional and affordable interlock repairs in Orleans, Ottawa, and Kanata.

Save Money By Sealing Interlock DIY

You could spend your weekend cleaning and applying 2 coats of sealer to your patio or just trust the professionals! Our interlock sealing is fast and affordable and with your time being so valuable you can’t afford not to hire Interlock Repair Ottawa (A Division of A&Z Interlock) to seal your interlock pavers!

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