Repair Singing Interlock Pavers

Easily Replace Broken, Cracked, or Damaged Interlock Pavers, Flagstone and Slabs

Sunken pavers are not only ugly but create tripping hazards in your yard. Sinking interlock pavers are a sign of a larger problem relating to drainage, foundation quality or soil conditions.  In order to repair sunken interlock, we need to fix the cause of the problem and relay the interlock. Areas with high clay content are often where we see the most problems with sinking interlock.

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The Importance of Edging Support Material

The edging around interlock patios is very important to the long term condition of the project. Using edge restraints keeps everything locked into place and prevent pavers from shifting. Edging also helps protect the patio from moving when exposed to heavy vehicle traffic. Once patio edges begin to fail the entire are slowly shifts creating uneven joint spacing, uneven surfaces and base foundation runoff. Even projects with edge restraints can fail if the base foundation didn’t extend far enough outside the perimeter. Interlock edging products are made from heavy-duty plastic or specialized edging pavers.

Repairing Sinking Interlock – Foundation Repair

In Ottawa sinking interlock and sunken edging is a more common problem because of the large amount of freeze and thaw cycles we experience.  Edging plays an important role in keeping landscaping renovations looking good. If your contractor didn’t do a great job let us restore the condition of your patio.

No matter what’s causing the damage to your interlock landscape we repair sinking interlock pavers by not just levelling the surface, but also fixing the foundation so the problem doesn’t come back.  Inquire about our free estimate and learn about what is causing your interlock pavers to sink deeper into the ground year after year. 

Installing Edge Constraints

Professional interlock projects include edge restraints that go around the perimeter of the patio and prevent the soil from encroaching on the landscaping.  One method of repairing sunken edging is by excavating the area around the patio edge and levelling the pavers then installing interlock edge guards to prevent the problem from recurring.

Is Poor Drainage Causing Your Interlock To Sink?

Poor drainage can result in sinking interlock patios.  As the soil underneath erodes the landscaping foundation caves in.  Without addressing the drainage problems the pooling water and interlock condition will continue to worsen. Drainage repairs include grading, channel drain installation and water permeable foundations.  

Process Of Repairing Sinking Interlock

To repair sunken interlock pavers we need to repair the foundation to the proper height resulting in a smooth and level patio.  First, we remove pavers from the affected area by prying up if in the centre of a patio or removing them from the edge of a patio. With access to the foundation of the interlock, we check the compaction and depth of the area.  We add sand to raise the level of the base making sure to grade it properly. The pavers are then reseated and compacted into place using a mallet. Finally, we fill in the interlock joints with polymeric sand.

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