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Did You Know You Can Replace Individual Pavers?

Fixing and replacing interlock pavers is a very easy job. Our process includes removing the damaged bricks and replacing them with a brand new one ordered from suppliers like Techo-Bloc & Permacon. We match your old interlock with an identical stone and repair underlying issues so the damage won’t reappear.  For current production pavers we can order direct from the supplier and for pavers no longer being manufactured we can ofter track down remnant or match the interlock to a modern design. 

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We Repair Broken Interlock From All Major Brands.


No matter what kind of paver you have installed in your landscape we can find a replacement from any manufacturer.  Discontinued pavers can be replaced with pavers from another area of the landscape, or we can match it with a modern replacement.  We are passionate about repairing damaged interlock and deliver professional results you will love.  

What Causes Interlock Pavers To Crack?

Interlock pavers and slabs can be damaged in a number of ways. Insufficient foundation depth doesn’t provide enough support and as foundations freeze and thaw, pavers rise and fall. Impacts from dropped tools or excessive loads put interlock slabs at risk of cracking. When accidents happen its important to know that damaged interlock can be lifted out of place and replaced with a brand new tile. d.

How To Replace Damaged Interlock Bricks

Our team identifies the damaged pavers and marks them to ensure we replace the affected bricks. We remove the polymeric joint sand and remove the damaged brick. Next, we check the condition of the foundation layer and repair it if necessary. Before replacing the paver brick we add sand, compact it and level it with a spirit level. The repaired paver is compacted into place using a rubber mallet. Finally, we replace the joint material with high-quality polymeric sands that match the colour, prevent weed growth and lock the repair in place.

Preventing Damaged Interlock Pavers

The best way to prevent damage to interlock landscapes is by checking their condition often. If you notice a faint crack appear you’ll be able to avoid adding heavy loads on that area. For interlock slabs that have a large surface area make sure to distribute weight evenly and not directly in the centre. Sealing pavers can prevent deterioration from exposure to weather erosion and chemicals eating away at the bricks.


What If My Paver Isn’t Available?

Sometimes interlock styles are discontinued. If your interlock is discontinued we can check our remnant inventory for old new stock and even check with interlock suppliers in Ottawa. Even if your exact paver isn’t’ available there are often modern equivalents that match very closely. If your repair is in a visible area we can harvest a replacement paver from another area of the hardscape.

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