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Is Water Not Draining From Your Interlock? We Can Fix That.

Interlock Repair Ottawa (A Division of A&Z Interlock) fixes interlock drainage problems related to interlock foundations, grading issues and we eliminate puddles and standing water in your interlock landscape.  We only repair interlock drainage related repairs specifically.  Ask us about a brand new water permeable interlock installation for landscapes exposed to lots of water that have poor drainage conditions.

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Interlock Drainage Solutions


Drainage is an important aspect to eliminate standing water from the surface of your patio. Installing permeable aggregate foundations, drainage pipes and grading are all viable solutions. We can help manage water by rerouting downspouts and diverting the water away from areas with poor drainage.   Poor Drainage creates dirty, slippery algae-covered surfaces, it breaks down the polymeric sand in interlock paver joints and can wash away base foundations. By rerouting downspouts, installing underground drains, and introducing permeable materials we can improve interlock paver drainage systems even after they have been installed.

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Interlock Drainage Repair Solutions


Installing New Drains

Interlock pavers with poor drainage benefit greatly from installing new drainage systems that remove standing water. standing water create slippery surfaces, and damages polymeric sand and risks damaging foundation material.  If you require additional drainage our team can remove interlock pavers from the affected area and install a drainage system allowing water to escape.

Levelling Interlock Paver Surfaces & Grading Slopes

Some drainage problems are the result of uneven surfaces. To remedy this we can raise or lower the grade of your patio base foundation allowing gravity to remove water with the help a slight incline.  Most grade repairs are done in an isolated area helping keep costs affordable.

Moving Rain Spouts To Mitigate Excess Water

Rain spouts introduce large amounts of water and release it onto the ground.  If your interlock patio isn’t draining we can direct that water elsewhere. The easiest best-looking solution is to remove a section of the pavers and foundation and install piping that removes the standing water into the ground.

Learn About Water Permeable Interlock Landscaping

During Heavy Rain Water Just Flows Away!


Say goodbye to standing water and puddles in your interlock landscape. Our professional team assesses your interlock foundation and environmental conditions so your landscape eliminates water from melting snow or thunderstorms.  Ask about our drainage repair service or a brand new renovation that includes water-permeable interlock landscaping that allows water to go back into the ground naturally. 

Water Permeable Polymeric Sand


Other landscapers use gravel to fill interlock joints and this can be hard on barefeet! Our polymeric sand is water permeable which means you can install paved landscaped that drain excess water even in areas like pool decks and patios. Gravel vs Polymeric Sand Water Permeable Joint Material.

polymeric sand water permeable

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