Permanent Interlock Repairs In Ottawa

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Go from being embarrassed about your landscape to something you show off to all the neighbours.   With interlock repair, there is no need to replace existing pavers. For major overhauls and repairs, get a brand new patio at half the cost of replacing it! We have nearly 20 years in landscape construction and design.  That’s why Ottawa trusts us to repair interlock projects that were installed by less reputable landscape contractors.   

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Repair Your Interlock With Help From Professionals

A significant portion of landscape renovation is the price of the pavers. For customers who have existing interlock, we can replace the base foundation and have it looking like new for a fraction of the cost of starting from scratch.  Get a quote on repairing your landscape today.

Permanent Interlock Repairs

We identify the cause of the damage to your interlock and then find a solution.

Common Problems:

  • Insufficient base material
  • Lack of compaction of base material
  • Improper drainage
  • Age of installation

Front Porch Interlock Repair

After rainwater would accumulate on the patio and lack of drainage resulted in an uneven surface and pavers that look old. Our team removed the pavers and replaced the foundation material on the patio and steps. We went with water-permeable materials for the foundation and joint sand which means that when it rains this front entrance will dry very quickly! Our repairs breath new life into poorly installed and old interlock projects in Ottawa.

Is Your Landscape Already Showing Signs of Age?

Professionally installed interlock should last for over 25 years.  If you are noticing uneven bricks, sunken edges, or gaps between pavers it’s better to fix the problem before it gets any worse.  Our team repairs foundations and relays interlock, install edge restraints and ensures proper drainage.  If your landscaping needs repairs call Interlock Repair Ottawa (A Division of A&Z Interlock) for high quality and reliable repair work.

We Make It Easy To Go From This, To That! 

How Interlock Repair Works

Tearing everything out and starting from scratch isn’t necessary.  Assess the condition of your landscaping and only repair areas that require it. 

Assess condition

Our experienced team determines what’s causing the problems. Poor drainage, inadequate foundation and grading are common causes.

Get an Estimate

Now we know what’s causing the problem we present the customer with a detailed estimate on how much it will cost to repair the issues. 


Schedule Your repair

Schedule a time to work on your project and restore the interlock to a professional standard. You derserve a long lasting worry free landscape project. 

Most Common Interlock Repairs

Removing weed growth

Weeds grow between interlock pavers creating an unkept look. Removing vegetation and replacing polymeric sand provides a long term solution. 

Heaving surface

Heaving interlock surfaces result from inadequate foundation depth.  We identify problem areas and replace add aggregate to the foundation. 

Sinking edges

Modern interlock landscaping uses edge restraints to prevent this problem. Fixed by replacing exterior foundation and installing edge restaints.

dirty pavers

Years of neglect and wet conditions result in dirt covered mossy interlock pavers. Light pressure washing removes grime while protecting intelrock joints. 

Polymeric Sand Damage

Polymeric sands fill the joints of interlock and prevent weeds from growing on your patio.  Removing damaged sand and replacing is the ideal remedy. 


Grading, foundation compaction & lack of drainage create problems with standing water. Water permeable foundations are cost effective solutions. 


Naturally occurring minerals escape from the pavers over time. Washing away the minerals and sealing the pavers restore original appearance and prevents further decay.

sealing Pavers

Sealing pavers prevents stains from penetrating the bricks and creates a vibrant appearance.  Protect your interlock with professional sealing.

damaged pavers / slabs

Damaged pavers and cracks slabs are a very common and easily fixed by replacing them with a new product or one from another area of the yard.

We Fix Drainage Problems

Learn About Water Permeable Interlock Driveways! 

Let our experienced team identify the underlying conditions that cause your interlock damage then make recommendations on how to fix the problems for good.  Cosmetic repairs might be affordable but also temporary.  

How To Repair Interlock


Foundation Repairs

Pavers need to be removed in order to repair interlock foundations.  Compaction, foundation depth, aggregate size and grade are potential foundation problems.  Once completing the repair we relay the pavers and joints. 

Polymeric Sand / Interlock Joints

Polymeric sand needs to be replaced periodically.  We pressure wash the old material out from the joints and replace it with new polymeric sand.  There are many different qualities of polymeric sand.  Our repairs last because we use high quality products, also modern polymeric sands far outperform stuff that was used 5 years ago.  

Stained, Dirty Pavers

Pressure washing is the best way to clean old and dirty paver surfaces.  It is important to take special precautions to avoid damaging the polymeric sand filling the joints between pavers. 

Sinking Edges

Interlock edged are susceptible to losing base foundation material through erosion.  Without a solid foundation, the pavers sink into the ground.  To remedy this we repair the foundation and install edge restraints preventing foundation erosion. 

Cracked Slabs

Broken slabs are fixed by removing the damaged tile and replacing it with an undamaged one.  We replace damaged pavers and slabs from suppliers like Techo-Bloc and Permacon.  Sometimes products are discontinued and difficult to find.  If this happens we can ‘match’ to a similar product or take an unbroken slab from an area that is out of sight. 

When landscaping contractors won’t honour their warranty we are here to provide affordable interlock restorations.

Winter Damaged Your Interlock?

Repairing Early Is The Best Way To Protect Your Landscape Investment

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Priority

Customer satisfaction is our priority so if you aren’t happy with any aspect of our service call and let us know how we can make it right.  Our team is specialized in repairing interlock.  Most contractors are too busy to take on small repairs and that’s why Ottawa relies on us to beautifully restore interlock landscapes! 

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