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Professionally Paver Cleaning Without Damage

Get your pavers and interlock patio cleaned by a team of professional interlock restoration experts.  We blast dirt, erase stains and eliminate moss and grass.  When it’s all done we will replace and refresh the polymeric sand in the joints. After you get your interlock washed ask us about sealing your interlock pavers!  

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Can I Clean My Pavers With A Pressure Washer?

Yes, you can pressure wash your interlock pavers but without you should know that pressure washing can cause damage to your patio. It is important to use enough pressure to remove dirt but not damage the paver, also improper control of the nozzle results in removing joint sand (which can be replaced). Let our experienced team detail your interlock with the right amount of pressure making sure not to damage and only clean. 

Why Choose Professionals To Pressure Wash Pavers?

Professionals use powerful pressure washers strong enough to remove the dirt but gentle enough to protect your bricks. Our crew wash in uniform patterns to not scar the surface or leave streaks and lines.

Pressure Washing Pavers Can Open Pores – Just The Right Pressure

Our pavers pressure washing service uses light detergent cleaners (eco-friendly) that allows us to clean the surface of the paver without eroding excess material.  Aggressive pressure washing opens the pores of the paver creating more surface area for dirt to accumulate. Our service uses the right balance of abrasion and detergents to not degrade the condition of your pavers. 

Is Poor Drainage Causing Your Interlock To Sink?

Poor drainage can result in sinking interlock patios.  As the soil underneath erodes the landscaping foundation caves in.  Without addressing the drainage problems the pooling water and interlock condition will continue to worsen. Drainage repairs include grading, channel drain installation and water permeable foundations.  

Our Interlock Paver Cleaning Process


Remover furniture and plants from the project area and ensure there is a nice clean surface to work with.


Using a brush we remove moss and weeds from between the joints of the pavers.


Wet the surface of the pavers and apply a light eco-friendly detergent


Using a stiff brush we scrub the surface of the pavers removing dirt and oil without scratching the surface.


If required we pressure wash the surface for pavers that require more powerful cleaning methods.


Rinse off the paver surface and remove dirty water.


Refill interlock joints with new polymeric sand.


Sealing pavers protects pavers from staining and makes future cleaning much easier (optional)

How To Keep Interlock Pavers Clean


Keeping your interlock pavers clean isn’t too hard just a little bit of maintenance is all that’s required.

Sealing your pavers as soon as they are installed is the BEST way to keep your landscaping looking like new!  Sealers prevent dirt and grease from being absorbed into the paver’s porous surface.  

Sweep or remove leaves and debris in the spring and fall. Organic material decays over time resulting in stains being absorbed into the stones. Removing the foliage before it can rot helps keep patios looking new. 

Rusty lawn chairs and greasy barbecues are the biggest culprits for stained pavers.  It is difficult to avoid and made worse if no sealer is applied. If you drip rust or grease on your patio make sure to clean the area immediately with light dish soap.  Once the stain sets it is almost impossible to fully remove. 

Keeping areas dry helps prevent moss and mold growing on the pavers.  Some areas might not get enough sun to dry quickly but you can help prevent things growing by moving flower pots, and lawn chairs allowing moisture to escape.  

Combine Pressure Washing With Sealing Service

As we mentioned, pressure washing pavers open the surface of the stone exposing porous material. To ensure long-lasting bright finish we recommend sealing the pavers. Sealing protects the surface and acts like wax on your car. Sealing pavers prevent stains absorbing in the bricks and make dirt harder to cling to — keeping your pavers looking better for longer.

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Don’t Forget To Include Sealing Your Like New Interlock Pavers At The Same Time

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