Interlock Efflorescence Removal

White Powdery Substance On Paver Surface

Interlock Repair Ottawa (A Division of A&Z Interlock) offers efflorescence removal and cleaning services to restore the former beauty of your interlock landscape.  For effective efflorescence removal, we use pressure washing and light detergent cleaning.  Cleaning combined with sealing pavers is the best way to prevent efflorescence from reappearing in your yard.  

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What Is Efflorescence?

Efflorescence is a white crystalline substance that appears on the surface of interlock pavers and other stone products like brick, concrete, and stone.  When pavers are exposed to water the salts inside the stone are dissolved and brought to the surface through capillary action and evaporation.

Efflorescence is French meaning to flower outward.  The porous material of pavers naturally wick water and salt, and when the water evaporates only the salt remains. 

Preventing Interlock Paver Efflorescence

The best way to prevent efflorescence from appearing is by sealing the surface of your interlock pavers.  Sealing is as easy as rolling and painting on 2 coats of a hydrophobic sealing substance. Interlock sealers block the pores from absorbing water and the calcium producing substances.

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How To Remove Efflorescence

Each paver is different and can be made from natural stone or synthetic material.  Therefore there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to removing efflorescence stains.  Our efflorescence removal services include an assessment to determine the best way to clean up your interlock. 

Pressure Washing to Remove Efflorescence

We start in a small area and see how the efflorescence stains react to each method.  Typical restorations include pressure washing and removing the crystalline substance but without solvents, some crystals might remain causing the problem to return. Bricks exposed to efflorescence are weaker and pressure washing too vigorously can cause cosmetic damage.

Stiff Dry Brushing To Remove Efflorescence

Using a stiff wire brush we can remove efflorescence.  The process is slower than using pressurized water but allows us to protect damaged bricks better. Dried salts are essentially scrubbed off the surface and can be swept up or blown away.

Using Detergents & Solvents to Remove Efflorescence

Depending on the type of mineral causing your efflorescence we have a number of light detergents and cleaning products that can be effective in diluting the substance allowing for it to be removed. 

Interlock Paver & Landscaping Restoration Services

We provide professional interlock restoration and repair service to residential clients in Ottawa. Landscape contractors are too busy to provide out of warranty interlock repair services and that’s how our company helps.  We have found a lot of demand for our services and our customers range from having poorly installed interlock renovations, to having ageing interlock that needs some tender love and care (TLC).

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