Interlock Driveway Repair

With between 1-4 cars, your driveway needs to withstand a significant amount of weight.  To ensure a long lasting driveway use only driveway pavers and ensure a deep foundation with proper compaction.  If your driveway is looking worse for wear get a quote on not just repairing your driveway but also investing in the future.  Most of the time the pavers are still in excellent shape which means the costs are mostly labour!  Let us refresh and redesign your front yard landscape by repairing your driveway this year.

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Common Causes For Interlock Driveway Repairs. 


  • Inadequate base foundation material
  • Insufficient compaction of aggregate
  • Drainage washing away base material
  • Extreme freezing & thawing combined with a shallow foundation depth
  • Broken & damaged pavers from heavy loads

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Learn About How We Repair Interlock Driveways

We have an excellent reputation for providing affordable interlock and driveway repair services. 

When To Repair Or Replace Interlock Driveways

If your interlock driveway is damage whether through ageing or from a poor landscape contractor we can help repair or replace.  Determining which option is the most sense depends on the size, condition and underlying problems with your driveway. 

Affordable Interlock Driveway Repairs

Repairing interlock driveways is cost-effective if the damage is in an isolated area.  We can remove the pavers over the affected area and fix the problem before relaying the interlock.  This is usually very affordable for driveways in good condition with areas of heaving or uneven paver damage.  

Restoring Sinking Edges On Driveways

We can repair interlock that is sinking around the edge of the driveway by removing the outside pavers and extending the base foundation to 6 inches outside of the edge.  We can also install edge restraints that keep interlock driveways locked in place. Edge restraints are particularly effective when working on driveways surrounded by clay soil conditions. 

Major Driveway Foundation Repairs

For driveways that require removing every interlock paver repair can still be economical.  We can reuse the same pavers instead of replacing them with a new product. This helps save the homeowner a lot of money.  If your driveway has major foundation problems we can replace the entire foundation with something that will last over 25 years if you like the style of your old pavers.

Helping You Make The Best Decision Regarding Your Interlock Driveway

It makes sense to replace your driveway when the entire paver surface needs to taken out AND you want to replace your old pavers with a more modern design. 

Most landscape contractors can’t take on interlock driveway repairs because of their short season and labour requirements.  Interlock Repair Ottawa (A Division of A&Z Interlock) specializes in providing affordable and high-quality interlock repair service. We have built an excellent reputation and niche business by fixing interlock across the city.

Restore Your Interlock Driveway In Ottawa

We install & repair interlock driveways new and old. If your interlock driveway is uneven, heaving, buckling, call us to get a free quote.  We can fix entire driveways or just repair troubled spots. Our driveway repairs are affordable and effective so you can expect a long-lasting repair built on a solid foundation.

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